The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

Digital Marketing Strategy Requirements

From startups to massive corporations, digital marketing has slowly but surely trickled its way into nearly every single successful business today. What was once considered a new, exciting element in the marketing mix has now become a central and integral component, critical to strategies both large and small. In fact, even today’s traditional marketing tactics are harnessed by their digital counterparts.

In 2020 and beyond, business owners must take their digital marketing efforts seriously. The reality is that time spent online continues to increase at rapid rates year over year. Those who have been slow to accept the shift into the digital world will find out the hard way that their customers (and their competitors) are living online.

Digital marketing strategy means getting all of your internet ducks in a row – from search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC), from content marketing to social media marketing to email marketing, and so on. Why? Well, for starters, about 90 percent of all searchers have yet to make their minds up about a brand prior to starting their search. Your digital footprint is invaluable to attracting new customers, keeping old ones, and maintaining a stronghold in your respective industry.

Today, we highlight some of the most essential elements of a digital marketing strategy that will put your organization in a position to succeed online and, in turn, offline.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Big Wins

Hesitations around committing to a digital marketing strategy are typically founded in uncertainty. “Do my customers really search online?” “My company is B2B, we don’t need to put money into internet marketing.” “My marketing budget is small and I don’t see the value.” These are some of the most common issues brought to our attention by business owners. What these entrepreneurs fail to recognize is the massive shift that has occurred over the last decade.

Decision-makers are living online and doing research online and making choices online, no matter who your target audience may be. As such, building a digital marketing strategy that speaks directly to those people will set your company up to succeed. Much like any strategy, beginning with the end in mind is key.

Any digital marketing framework must rely upon specific objectives for the overall strategy. Are you looking to build brand awareness? Do you need to establish online sales? Are you introducing a new product to the market? Understanding where you want the company to end up as a result of your digital marketing efforts will create the blueprint for getting there.

As with anything, starting with the right components is imperative for the company to thrive. The following is a checklist for the most critical aspects to include in your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Brand: who are you as a company? Do all of your company assets (website, messaging, etc.) represent that brand image?
  2. Business Objectives: what specifically are you trying to achieve?
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): what metrics will you use to track successes and failures?
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): what keywords are you targeting? What is your plan to improve search rankings?
  5. Content Marketing: do you regularly produce content that asserts your authority in your industry? What value are you offering website visitors?
  6. Social Media: how are you communicating with customers and prospective customers? Does your social footprint attract leads with intention?
  7. Paid Search: is your brand blanketing search engine results? Are your ads on the first page of Google?
  8. Email Marketing: are you making consistent efforts to touch base with your audience?

Marketing was once a guessing game. Buy a billboard and hope for the best. Send out flyers and pray that someone notices. Today, marketing is trackable and ever-evolving. This means that the guesswork has finally been removed from the equation, leaving only an opportunity to build awareness, drive traffic, and generate new business.

Digital Marketing with Big Customer Network

At Big Customer Network, we create custom digital marketing strategies for our clients. We analyze the industry, the company, and its competitors to craft a solution that makes a true impact. Our digital marketing team works tirelessly to build internet muscle that generates digital success, for clients both large and small.

Are you ready to take the next step with your digital marketing strategy? Contact us today to learn more!