The Dos and Don’ts of Communication During COVID-19

Effective Communication

Businesses both large and small are navigating uncharted territory right now when it comes to communicating with clients and marketing to prospects. Is it insensitive to be advertising for your company right now? Does promoting your brand during these times come off as exploiting a health crisis? COVID-19 has unearthed a number of important aspects of running and marketing a business that may have never been considered before. The reality is that companies must come up with a plan to keep business afloat and, like any good business plan, marketing is an essential component.

Your marketing strategy and communication does not have to shut down during this pandemic, but it does need to take into account our current situation. This is not a time to be tone-deaf because prospects and clients, even your most loyal clients, will take notice. With this in mind, it’s time to start considering how to best market your business without offending anyone. The answer? Provide value and, more importantly, be helpful.

COVID-19 Marketing Strategies for Timely Communication

Actively communicating with clients and prospects during the pandemic is absolutely acceptable. The manner in which you do so, however, is the potential cause for concern. This is where companies are either receiving major praise or taking major flak. For instance, sending a promotional email that fails to address the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in can rub people the wrong way. On the contrary, running that same promotion with a helpful tone that recognizes these crazy times can go a long way in keeping current clients and drawing in new ones.

Stay Relevant

DO: continue to communicate your brand’s value by offering promotions and other incentives that may help your target audience during these times.

DON’T: put your current marketing strategy on hold.

Strategically Promote Your Content

DO: take advantage of the uptick in people’s media consumption by promoting timely, useful content.

DON’T: post random content just to take advantage of a steady audience.

Providing Value

DO: take into account how the coronavirus is impacting your target audience and offer useful guidance as it relates to your brand.

DON’T: distribute content that serves no immediate value to your audience during these times.

Maintain an Online Presence

DO: make sure that your store hours and accessibility is readily available on your local listings. Be proactive in informing your audience about company status.

DON’T: assume your customers and prospects know how your brand is handling COVID-19.

Differentiating Your Brand

DO: get creative in how you sell your product and/or services right now. People are more engaged online than ever before and now is the time to separate yourself from the competition.

DON’T: get lost in the shuffle of similar brand messages that all of your competitors are pushing.

Riding the Wave of Uncertainty

The roadmap for the next few weeks and months is laced with ambiguity and giant question marks. It’s hard to navigate these uncharted territories without having a few missteps here and there. Nevertheless, the biggest mistake companies are making right now is not necessarily saying the wrong this, but not saying anything at all. Communication has never been more essential.

Simply put, your clients have no idea what is going on with your brand unless you tell them. Get your team together, brainstorm a sensible strategy, and take action. Together, think through the best way to communicate with your audience and be sure to avoid making costly mistakes. In the end, the brands who handle themselves with compassion and strategy will cross the pandemic finish line stronger than ever.

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