Digital Marketing and a Sales Funnel: Ideal Business Solution of the Future

Digital marketing isn’t new and it certainly isn’t groundbreaking. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic one thing is crystal clear: businesses must be dynamic to not just stay competitive but to stay afloat. Companies across the globe, in nearly every industry, are being forced to restructure, reinvent, and revitalize. Times are tough and that means keeping the sales funnel open, this requires creativity and a heavy reliance on digital marketing efforts.

It’s difficult to pinpoint changes in the present, but in the last several the evolution of digital marketing years has been enormous. For the most part, anything “digital” changes fast and that is often overwhelming for marketers. Wrapping your head around things like AI and automation can be intense. Nevertheless, the first step to keeping up with these quick changes is to fully embrace the fact that digital marketing is the future.

For many small to mid-sized companies, COVID-19 has unearthed a massive marketing headache: not enough emphasis was being placed on the digital side. From sales teams to in-person events, a lot of the focus has required human contact. Clearly, these tactics now need to be re-strategized from the ground up.

If you are one of the many business owners who still needs convincing that digital marketing and a sales funnel is the future, keep reading to find out why and how this facet of lead generation and brand building is so critical.

Getting Digital During the Pandemic and Beyond

By 2021, $375 billion will be spent on digital ads globally, according to predictions from eMarketer. That’s a lot of money, and that’s just ads. Looking at digital marketing as a whole, it is imperative for business owners to recognize that investing now isn’t just savvy, it’s essential. Companies are shifting to digital solutions now to remain stable and competitive during the coronavirus, but what happens once things begin to clear up?

The world has been taught a number of valuable lessons and one such is that the world can function quite efficiently on a virtual basis. For some that means working from home becomes the norm, for others, it means rethinking approaches to keeping customers happy and engaging new prospects. A sales funnel is the key no matter what approach an organization takes.

The following are some of the most notable considerations involving digital marketing and the future:

  1. Gen Z’s buying power: as the next generation grows older, marketers will need to adapt their language to speak to this audience sufficiently. For instance, research shows that Gen Z is sensitive to cheesy marketing tactics, so brands must make a push to get as authentic as possible.
  2. Personalization is here to stay and it has to mean more than simply addressing a prospect by first name. To succeed in the future, digital marketing efforts must learn buyer behaviors and preferences to create messaging that truly resonates to them personally.
  3. SEO is still changing because Google’s algorithm is getting smarter every day. As such, websites need to make sure that their content is readable and clear, regardless of what targeted keywords are in play.
  4. Voice-powered search is increasing exponentially. Any company that wants to compete in mobile search must be optimized for voice search.
  5. AI is here to stay – from voice assistance to chatbots, AI-powered marketing software will continue to gain hold of digital marketing as a whole.

Digital marketing is a beautiful mix of art and science. Understanding that it takes both technical knowhow and creativity to truly make a marketing impact today means keeping your sights on future trends and best practices. Companies that are looking to stay afloat during times of crisis and outshine competition during calmer seas must fully dive into digital marketing and all that is has to offer.

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