Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive Growth


Small to medium-sized businesses are in a constant battle to reinvent in order to contend with their competition. In a modern world where digital assets make way for relentless change, the ability to continually grow is a challenge. Smaller organizations that lack the funds of a big corporation must use an innovative digital marketing strategy to capitalize on opportunities to grow. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many businesses were left scrambling for answers. What we have found is that most of those answers lie in digital marketing.

No one could have prepared for COVID-19 and the ensuing fallout. With unemployment skyrocketing and far too many companies forced to close their doors, the ones who were able to survive had to look to alternative methods of bringing in business. Reframing the way in which everyone does business means reframing the way in which companies seek new business. That is where digital marketing comes into play.

While industries like hospitality and service were hit hard, others like retail were largely able to remain afloat. Cash constraints have forced the hand of small to medium-sized businesses so lean on digital solutions to combat COVID-19 challenges in a cost-effective, savvy way. For instance, creating digital ordering tools has allowed for new ways of customer interfacing. This is critical to keeping sales steady today.

So, why is digital marketing the saving grace of the pandemic? How can companies take advantage of digital resources to grow their organizations? Below, we will tackle some of the most significant reasons for leaning on digital marketing opportunities to thrive in today’s climate and beyond.

Using Data to Grow

It goes without saying that the tracking capabilities inherent in digital marketing strategy make it an extremely attractive tool. This feature plays into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses beautifully. First, with the ability to track every dollar spent, a digital strategy can be curbed and altered nearly instantaneously to ensure the biggest bang for your buck at every turn. In addition, companies can pinpoint a target audience and then ensure that marketing materials reach only those people. This type of precision marketing is critically valuable, especially when budgets are tight.

Keeping Digital marketing Strategy Costs Low

It is simple math that small and medium-sized businesses need to keep marketing expenditures down while making sure that returns are up. Digital ads enable an organization to save big time on developing artwork, paying for eyeballs, and shelling out a lot of cash on a cost per lead basis. Utilizing digital ads properly places smaller companies in the position to attain and keep customers at a much lower cost per acquisition than any traditional marketing options.

Solidifying Long-Term ROI

With a focus on SEO, brands have the opportunity to not only grow in recognition but to increase conversions and revenue too. Optimizing your website, crafting thought-leadership content pieces, and creating click-worthy videos has the potential to convert customers long-term. This means that a few great pieces of content have the capacity to bring in new customers months, even years, down the road. What’s more? The long-term costs only shrink while the long-term ROI only grows. A true win-win for small and medium-sized businesses.

No matter what section you find yourself in, depending on digital marketing to grow your business has proven valuable time and time again. From Google to Facebook and everything in between, there is a real opportunity to take advantage of low-cost, high-return digital tools to grow your business today and set the tone for growth well into the future.

At Big Customer Network, we have mastered the art of constructing digital marketing strategy. Utilizing a wide range of digital tools, our customers benefit from our expertise, experience, and commitment to remaining on the cutting-edge of all things digital. Contact us today to get started.

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