Digital Marketing Analytics for Small to Medium Sized Business



Before digital marketing analytics tools, many people made business decisions without the right kind of metrics in hand. The extensive implementation of digital marketing analytics has proved to be a perfect solution for business decision-making and lead generation. Digital marketing analytics have spread their wings across all online marketing channels and help in the holistic development of a business. The precise website audience insights one gains from the analytics tools is mind-blowing!

Let digital marketing tools do their magic for your business!.

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Analytics?

Some people still question the relevance and need of Digital Marketing Analytics for their business. The answer to this would be – How will you know whether you are improving or working towards your objectives if you are not even tracking any type of data?

The business world is rapidly changing with owners of both small and medium-sized businesses having the need to evaluate campaign effectiveness. Website visitors also demand a personalized web experience that meets their needs. For every organization, customization will be possible when you study your website data, track and analyze the metrics and KPI’s. Whether you are running a marketing campaign or expecting higher traffic to your webpage, the analytical data will help your online presence game.

Digital Marketing and Web Analytics will help retrieve a great deal of rich information that can tell you precisely how and where you can improve your website optimization strategy.

Ultimately, it will determine the true ROI of your digital marketing program and help you understand how well you are achieving the goals.

Most Popular Data Analytics Tools to Consider

In today’s era, marketers can utilize various digital marketing analytics tools to understand customer behavior, examine how the buyer interacts with online channels, and identify new revenue prospects. Let us discuss the most popular data analytics tools that every business marketer should know.


SEMrush is ideal for anyone who desires to track what their competition is doing online. A great competitive analysis tool, it will help you to adjust your digital strategy by allowing you to monitor competitor performance.

The analytics reports will let you see a great pool of information like brand keyword analysis, analyzing competitor ad copy, and finding their ad strategies. One can analyze and decide which keywords are most competitive and which other advertisers are bidding on them.

There is also a backlink analysis tool that allows you to check who is linking to your website.

At Big Customer Network, we use the website audit tool on a regular basis for all of our clients to ensure their websites are fully SEO optimized.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a simple analytics platform to keep track of your SEO performance and guide you on how to increase traffic from search engines. It provides both your and the competitors ranking on search results and the trending keywords. Its endless features like research on link-building, page optimization, reporting, and site crawling make it a great digital marketing analytics tool.  Moz Pro takes away the pain out of link tracking by giving ample information through link profile spam analysis and competitive metrics.

The hype around Moz Pro can rightly be trusted since it saves you a lot of time by putting all of your SEO analytics in one place.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics one of the most popular analytics tools which every digital marketer should use.  It is a free website analytics platform that allows you to track your website traffic, understand your visitor demographics, how much time they spend on your website, which web page is keeping them engaged and much more.

As a digital marketer, this can be of great help to analyze which of your marketing channels generate the most conversions, sales, leads, and downloads. With all the rich data provided to you, you can easily optimize your channels to target the most profitable market.  The data can be overwhelming so please contact us so we can help you maximize Google Analytics.


Mailchimp is ruling the email marketing industry. This email marketing platform has a very user-friendly interface which makes it one of the most loved marketing tools. For start-ups or digital marketeers who are just entering into email marketing, Mailchimp is a preferred solution.

For business owners who do not have very large email lists, the free package can be the perfect way to start your journey.

Mailchimp allows you to create automated email campaigns, monitor subscriber behavior through its built-in analytics and reporting functionally. One can easily judge the effectiveness of their email campaigns by studying the customer traffic and conversions.

How Big Customer Network Comes to The Rescue

Acknowledging the need for a one-stop digital marketing solution, Big Customer Network offers a complete suite of digital marketing strategies. Whether it is a small or a medium-sized business, Big Customer Network provides business owners the complete visibility for the performance of our digital marketing programs for clients.

Big Customer Network has proven itself as a trusted internet marketing and technology partner for small to medium-sized businesses across all industries. The success stories of our clients resonate with our commitment to creating a data-driven plan. Our extensive and best-in-class strategies deployed with top digital analytical tools help companies to grow and meet their goals. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped to assist and provide leadership for all types of digital marketing programs.  We collaborate with clients to achieve their business objectives. We use the right mix of digital marketing and web analytics to help you grow your business.

If you are not using digital marketing tools to improve your campaign effectiveness, then you are missing out on powerful data that will help you extract actionable insights. The right metrics will enable you to make the right data-driven decisions and connect better with your audience.

Big Customer Network continues to create digital marketing success stories and plays a key role in providing digital marketing and IT services. So, keep tracking and analyzing to experience consistent growth. We can help you navigate the maze website tools and analytics so contact us today to learn more.


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