Our mission at BCN is to provide internet muscle and make best practice digital marketing and business strategies available to growing companies at a fraction of the cost it takes to normally develop, build and deploy first in class strategies. Being the trusted internet marketing and technology partner to our clients and being a key part of their digital marketing success is our single focus. BCN spreads resources over a large number of selected clients so that all get the benefit of our expertise and technology.

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Michael Platner

Chairman & Founder internet marketing partner, About

Michael has spent the last 20 years building companies that help to connect people on the web. He founded & was previously CEO of LifeFiles.com, the first online memorial and obituary application, Aldor Solutions, a SAAS application provider, and founder of LayeredTech.com, one of the world’s fastest virally growing web hosts during the last decade. Under Michael, these businesses built thousands of business websites and hundreds of thousands of consumer websites as well as supported millions of websites. Michael has also advised software and internet companies from early stage to exit and is chairman of the corporate and technology practice group at the national law firm of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP. BCN started in 2008 as a think tank for Michael and his geek colleagues to find best practices for business use of the internet.

internet marketing partner, About

Jim Faulhaber

Chief Information Officer internet marketing partner, About

Jim has over 15 years of experience in media including internet & print publications. His focus has been on marketing & technology at Worth International Media Group, Borrell Technology and Time-Warner, Inc.

Jim has been involved with numerous media distribution projects throughout his career & is responsible for implementing brand maximization strategies & fulfilling technical requirements. Jim is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) & also holds an MBA.



Big Customer Network (BCN) is the flagship brand for BC Network Media, LLC. Our management has been involved in the internet since its commercial beginnings & has a long history of building specialized internet brands for businesses and professions.