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Email Marketing Company

Email communications lay the foundation for business in virtually every industry. While email marketing has become universal, far too many companies are still doing it incorrectly or with little to no results. At Big Customer Network, we are an email marketing company that focuses on results. Whether we are focusing on ecommerce email marketing or service-based email marketing, we ensure that our clients’ messaging is accurate, effective, and strategic.

There are countless methods to approaching email marketing. In some ways, smaller, more targeted campaigns are necessary to reach a smaller audience in a much more personalized manner. In other ways, however, automated email marketing is a much more efficient method of communicating to a large audience in a seamless manner.

Regardless of the specific approach, Big Customer Network is able to craft a strategy that suits our client’s brand, brand message, and target audience.

Automated Email Marketing

Attracting new customers or re-engaging past customers is all about communication. Today, automated email marketing is a critical component of lead generation, upselling, and more. In the modern digital world filled with Facebook ads, retargeting, and the like people have become hesitant about automated email marketing. The truth, conversely, is that email marketing is more important than ever before.

As one of the most effective lead generation channels, email marketing is a key component of engaging prospects and customers alike. Some of the most notable aspects of automated email marketing at Big Customer Network include:

  • Branded messaging
  • Mailing list cleaning
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Email optimization
  • Call-to-action triggers
  • Compelling content creation
  • A/B testing
  • Personalized greetings
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom design
These factors set us apart from any other email marketing company. Our email marketing team works diligently to remain on top of best practices and industry standards. In doing so, our clients’ emails are extremely successful.

Your Go-To Email Marketing Company

At Big Customer Network, we have the tools and technologies in place to create a robust, impactful email marketing campaign. With an emphasis on ecommerce email marketing, we know what it takes to build emails that leave a lasting impression. Analyzing every click and impression, each campaign is a dynamic body that receives continual improvement and optimization.

Is your organization relying on email marketing for lead generation? If not, the time to capitalize is now. Contact our automated email marketing team today to learn more.

Strategically placed digital infrastructure is paramount to business success.

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