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The term “branding” packs a big punch. While business branding is certainly no small feat, it is important to note that virtually anyone, with any budget, is capable of doing so. Branding really just refers to the deliberate actions that a company or person takes to get people to see them in a distinct way, separate from their competitors.

While attainable by any standard, branding a business takes a concerted, consistent effort. Far too many companies fall into the trap of believing that branding just means picking a color scheme and a logo. On the contrary, however, properly branding a business reaches into every facet of the company – from marketing to sales and from customer service to internal operations. The ability to send a consistent brand message will set any company apart from the competition in a meaningful way.

When thinking about some of the most effective branding to date, your head probably goes to large corporations like Google or Apple. And that makes sense, these organizations have done a phenomenal job of casting themselves in a strategic, calculated light. But what about the smaller guys? How can small businesses across the country brand themselves without breaking the bank? Is it possible to achieve successful business branding on a budget? Absolutely.

Today, we will dive deeper into how small companies can make big difference in how customers and prospects view their businesses. Let’s crack the code of business branding on a budget.

8 Tips for Building Your Brand on a Budget

It is important to note that business is creativity and innovation is not reserved for major corporations. Branding does not have to be expensive. You do not need to hire a branding company to come in a do a $50,000 overhaul. While branding requires an immense amount of work, it does not necessarily require an immense amount of money.

Investing in business branding can mean a lot of things, and we think that time is the most promising investment. Dedicating the time to really strategizing a brand identity for your company can pay back in dividends. The ROI associated with proper brand overhauls speaks for itself. As such, it is important to approach any brand changes with this in mind. The ROI may not come tomorrow, but over time you will see growth in new business and increased customer loyalty.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is thinking that they have lost the chance to re-brand. Some of the most well-known companies have gone through dozens of business branding iterations until the right one stuck. Leaning the right resources and platforms, any company can brand themselves in a cost-effective way.

The following are some of the most important tips for building your brand on a budget:

  1. Create a true voice and identity for your brand and ensure that everything from there on out represents that voice and identity
  2. Define your brand values and communicate them in a tagline
  3. Ensure that your logo represents your brand identity and if it doesn’t, rethink it
  4. Take a look at the aesthetic of your website and social media presence to guarantee they reflect your brand
  5. Layout specific, actionable social media groundwork and stick to being consistent
  6. Write authoritative, meaningful articles for your website that position your brand as an industry leader
  7. Keep the customer service department in tune with the branding shifts and confirm that they are speaking to customers with the same brand voice
  8. Get all hands on deck – the entire company must be in the know about any branding changes and trained on how to best exemplify the brand in their respective roles

The average buyer has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. These changes have brought new expectations that a company must do more than fulfill a need or want, they must do so in a way that truly resonates. Branding is the key to meeting these expectations and building a loyal following.

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