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12 Reasons to Take Website Security Seriously

Website Security


Right now your website is at risk of a hack if your website security plan isn’t solid. Hackers come in all shapes and sizes, but they are certainly coming…to the tune of 50,000 website hacks per day. Scary? Definitely. Avoidable? For sure. Cybercriminals are on a mission to steal data and they do so in many different ways. While we often think of cybercrime in terms of large corporations like Equifax, the reality is that small businesses are at serious risk.

As a small business owner, website security is likely low on your priority list. But what if you knew that 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses? Would that encourage you to take a closer look? From protecting your clients and customers to protecting yourself and your employees, website security is something that needs to be top-of-mind in 2020 and beyond.

Those business owners who fail to recognize the significance of keeping their website safe will find themselves extremely vulnerable to the depths of threats online. Today, we will take some time to highlight a few of the most prominent reasons that website security must be taken seriously.

Secure Your Site Now

Predictions point out that there will be about 200 billion connected devices this year. And while that figure is really cool, the reality is that high risk comes with connectivity. Making sure that your website is secure is imperative in this day and age. From spam to viruses to malware to domain registration, internet threats are abundant and ever-changing.

It’s easy to maintain an “it won’t happen to me” attitude. Do you know anyone personally who has suffered from a cyberattack? Has your personal information been compromised in any fashion? Most business owners think that they are too small or too insignificant to get noticed by hackers. But when more than 4 in 10 cyber attacks target small businesses, it’s time to wake up and take action.

The following are some of the leading reasons to take website security seriously:

  1. Your customers are at risk
  2. Once your business reputation is tainted, it is extremely difficult to rebuild trust
  3. Many cyber attacks hit profits so hard that there is no coming back
  4. Website protection is far cheaper than cleaning up after a breach
  5. Google looks to see HTTPS for rankings purposes
  6. You may get blacklisted if suspicious links are placed on your site
  7. SSL certificates are now something that website visitors look for when it comes to trusting a site
  8. Your employees are at risk
  9. Protect your physical assets
  10. Prevent the loss of sales with tons of downtime during a hack
  11. Get a leg up on your competition who is failing to properly secure their site
  12. Gain peace of mind knowing that you, your customers, and your business is protected

Cybercrime is a profitable business, as indicated by its popularity over the last several years. Your company is your baby and you wouldn’t put your baby in a car seat without properly buckling them in. There are countless measures that can be taken to make your site more secure and it is important to take swift action.

At Big Customer Network, we understand the importance of powerful website security. As such, we partner with our clients to ensure that their website and their data is secured. Plus, we create a custom disaster recovery plan to safeguard our clients when an unlikely hack occurs.

Are you ready to secure your site and protect your company? Contact us today to learn more!