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9 Email Marketing Strategies for Major Marketing Wins

Smart business owners look at marketing as a necessity, not just a bonus if the budget allows. Even smarter business owners look at each individual marketing tactic separately to determine its return on investment (ROI). While measuring ROI on digital marketing initiatives may be tough, email marketing is indisputably one of the winners. Why? With low costs and high returns, email makes perfect sense for budget-conscious entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in 2020.

Social media is getting all of the recent hype surrounding digital marketing success stories. But the reality is that email marketing actually converts 40 times the number of customers. The ability to speak directly to a prospective customer puts email marketing in a league of its own. Sure, strategies involving Google ads and sponsored Facebook posts are important. However, the power of reaching someone exactly when you want to cannot be overstated.

Email marketing, when executed correctly, can truly transform an organization’s lead generation capacity. Today, we discuss 9 email marketing strategies that will make a big impact this year.

Taking Advantage of Email Marketing

Far too many marketers fall into the trap of assuming email marketing will work if they have a large list of subscribers and some content to share. In theory, that situation would facilitate some leads and general interest. In practice, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Who are your emails being sent to? Should all of those people be receiving the same content? What is your purpose behind sending the email? What action do you hope the recipient takes upon opening the email? The answers to these questions will lay the foundation for a successful strategy and create a new pathway for leads to travel.

No matter what your marketing objectives may be or how you decide to achieve them, email marketing should absolutely have a prominent place in your marketing mix. The following are some of the most impactful email marketing strategies to consider incorporating into a digital marketing plan:

  1. Focus on subject lines: while it can be tempting to stick with something catchy, the subject line must also facilitate conversions.
  2. Personalization: from personalized copy to action-based or location-based offers, customer retention is dependent upon a personal touch.
  3. Incorporate animation: things like GIFs are an easy and effective way to engage your audience.
  4. Keep it simple: take advantage of white space on your email design to focus your message and intention clearly.
  5. Content value: be sure to send emails filled with valuable content – whether that means an incredible offer or a background story about your company.
  6. Make it social: be sure to include icons of your social channels and encourage recipients to follow you there.
  7. Deploy A/B testing: running two campaigns simultaneously and comparing performance results is essential to effective email marketing.
  8. Time it right: time of day is crucial when it comes to email communications, we recommend sending an email between 10 and 11am.
  9. Track everything: customer insights and analytics are crucial to taking full advantage of the power in email marketing.

Using marketing automation, companies have seen massive improvements in the ability to communicate with their target audience and turn new leads into customers. At Big Customer Network, we are email and marketing automation experts. Using cutting-edge techniques, we have perfected the craft of generating leads for small to medium-sized businesses.

Are you ready to deploy a robust email marketing campaign? Contact us today to get started.