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Indisputable Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Di9gital Marketing Outsourcing

Indisputable Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Scaling a business is hard. It takes relentless focus, industry expertise, and a high aptitude for marketing. While many entrepreneurs and business owners dominate the first two factors, the third facet is much more difficult to attain. A good idea that isn’t properly shared is the quickest way to kill an entrepreneur’s spirit. Time and time again, the ball is dropped when it comes to proper marketing.

Lackluster marketing efforts are the cornerstone of a surprising number of companies. Falsely viewed as a “bonus” if budget permits, neglecting to market a company leaves it dependent on returning customers and luck. Leaning on marketing, however, positions a company to keep old customers, attract new ones, and strategically plan for the future.

The value of marketing has become less disputed over the years and now the manner in which to conduct it has taken the spotlight. Does your company need a full-time digital marketing manager? Can your sales team handle marketing too? Or maybe it would be enough for your youngest employee to post on social media a few times a month?

These questions receive a wide range of answers, but it is all too common that an organization’s attempt to execute marketing initiatives internally collapses.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Leads to Successful Campaigns

The decision to outsource digital marketing is not an easy one. First and foremost, marketing is all about showcasing why your company is great and handing over the reins to another company to do this is difficult for many business owners. What’s more difficult, however, is maintaining a finger on the pulse of the current marketing strategy.

Technology’s role in digital marketing means that it is constantly changing and evolving. Experts in the field are tasked with consistently pushing the limits, staying on the curve of change, and predicting where the trends will go next. With this in mind, it makes sense that outsourcing these tasks is a profitable decision for most.

The following are some of the most notable advantages to outsourcing your digital marketing needs:

  1. Cost-effective: the average salary for a digital marketer ranges from $65,000-$100,000, in addition to the costs of employee benefits, days off, and paying for advertising space and materials. As such, it typically makes way more financial sense to hire an agency to do these tasks for you.
  2. Expertise: in-house marketing jobs typically attract more entry-level talent. Agencies, on the other hand, typically employ high-level talent with much more experience and expertise. Plus, the agencies are equipped to stay current on trends that your company will certainly benefit from.
  3. Perspective: an outside agency will bring an entirely new perspective on how you should be marketing your company. This perspective is not only fresh but brings with it creativity likely lacking within your organization.
  4. Management: staying on top of the daily tasks involved in marketing is a job itself. Relying on monthly reports and meetings from an outside agency is a much better use of time.
  5. Technology: Is your company prepared to pay for the newest marketing technologies? Outsourcing allows for your company to take advantage of tools and techniques that you would otherwise miss out on.

From content writing to website building, from designing to email marketing, and from search engine optimization to social media, digital marketing requires a wide range of proficiency. Outsourcing these tasks means not only benefitting from this expertise but also strategically using your internal resources appropriately. When it comes to wanting a successful digital marketing strategy, looking outside of your organization is a no brainer.

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Building a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020

An astounding 3.2 billion people are active users on social media each day. Yes, billion. So, what is your company doing about it? Does your marketing plan account for the massive reach of social media? Is your content engaging enough to be shared across social platforms? What emphasis is being placed on the prospect of generating new leads through social media?

Do those questions feel more like an interrogation than a simple marketing conversation? If so, your organization may be lacking a social media presence and, in turn, missing a huge opportunity to grow your business. The main players in the social media arena today are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn

Some companies are active on all five platforms, some are dominating just a few. Both the industry and target market will largely dictate what makes the most sense for your specific business. Regardless, simply being present on these platforms is not enough. In fact, being active on these platforms is not enough. To truly succeed in social media marketing, your company must work within a meticulous, researched strategy.

Today, we breakdown what it takes to make an impact on social media and the steps that need to be taken to get your company there.

Social Media Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Target Market

There is no question that your competition is looking at social media to gain customers. In 2020, social media is going to expand to become an even larger giant than it is today. With the year coming to an end soon, it is imperative that your marketing plan accounts for social media’s role in client acquisition, client retention, and brand building.

It is easy to assume that big brands posting about silly things like “National Pet Your Dog Day” are using social media to be…well, social. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies doing social media marketing the right way are thinking about every single post, share, and reply. Strategy lays the foundation for success.

Engaging current customers, generating new leads, and making sure that your brand feels relatable and knowledgeable is essential. As you sit down to formulate your company’s social media marketing strategy for 2020, follow these steps:

  1. Start with goals. This may seem obvious, but far too many organizations start a full-fledged marketing plan without even considering what they hope to achieve. Incorporate the “SMART” method to ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  2. Who are your ideal customers? Defining a target market is important for all marketing initiatives, but with social media it is critical. Targeting on social based on demographics, interest, and even geographic location makes it easy to reach the right audience.
  3. Take a look at what your competition is doing on social. You can learn a lot of actionable lessons from a competitive analysis. Plus, this is also a great way to learn what not to do to successfully engage with your audience.
  4. Evaluate how well you are currently doing. Auditing your own social media presence is important too. This will reveal what you are doing well and should continue to capitalize on and what needs work. The areas where work is required means evaluating whether to abandon that strategy or platform altogether or to improve upon your current efforts.
  5. Carefully determine what social media platforms do and do not make sense for your industry and audience. Understand that your content must cater to those platforms specifically. So, if you do not have the means to master all of them, choose the two platforms where your target audience spends the most time.
  6. Create a content calendar. Planning for holidays, big sales or promotions, and other relevant events means thinking through the best ways to maximize your posts in advance. A last-minute social media post is not only obvious to your target market but will drastically reduce the likelihood of its success.
  7. Get inspired by big brands doing it right. There is no better place for inspiration than on the social media accounts of companies with big customer engagement. Find a few top brands, ideally in your industry, and take note of what, how, and why they do what they do.
  8. Measure, measure, measure. The beauty of social media is that everything is trackable. Take advantage of this by constantly testing and evaluating. Adjust your strategy accordingly, and then repeat the process again.

Mapping out a social media marketing strategy is a time-consuming task. However, when done correctly, it can serve to open the door to an entirely new set of prospects and a new, exciting way to engage with current customers. Companies that execute a social media marketing strategy using the above steps will position themselves for big wins in 2020.

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